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About Sat-Coord

Sat-Coord has been developed out of a suite of software tools which RPC Telecom originally developed for its own use in supporting consultancy clients.

The software modules that comprise Sat-Coord have undergone significant testing and development over a period of more than twleve years and have been used extensively to support the satellite coordination activities of RPC Telecom's clients including Intelsat, YahSat, VINASAT, THURAYA, TONGASAT, SingTel, HELLAS-SAT, SUPARCO, ETISALAT, SES Americom, ICO, Hughes Network Systems, O3B, JRANSA, DirecTV, the Cyprus Ministry of Communications, the Nigerian Communications Commission, INDOSAT, Es’hailSat, ANGKASA, Paradigm, BRIsat, KACST and the Government of Australia.

RPC Telecom

About RPC Telecommunications Ltd.

RPC Telecom specialises in satellite and radio communications engineering, software and training, with a particular emphasis on ITU satellite filing, coordination and radio-regulatory matters.

Since 1993 we have supported our clients to secure the orbit and spectrum resources needed to implement their satellite projects, attending more than 120 frequency coordination meetings and making in excess of 90 ITU satellite filings.

You can find out more about RPC here.