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Sat-Coord Features

A video demonstrating the key Sat-Coord features can be seen here.

Sat-Coord has the following key modules:

Browse ITU Databases

Browse ITU Databases

  • Browse SNS Database Files supporting over 500 search fields
  • Full integration of the ITU SNL Part-B database to quickly see the full filing history associated with any network
  • Integrated access to the ITU SNL Part-C data to easily retrieve "as received" information
  • Interrogate the UCS Satellite Database to retrieve information on operational satellites
  • Search the Space-Track Database to retrieve Satellite Catalogue or TLE information on operational satellites
  • Create your own custom search criteria to retrieve just the information that you need
View & Edit Beam Data

View & Edit Beam Data

  • Import and edit gain contour, service area and AG/GSO diagram data from ITU GIMS database files
  • Create and edit your own custom gain contour, service area and AG/GSO diagrams and save them into GIMS database format
  • Generate contours automatically using the ITU APL from a baseline contour
  • Graphically compare gain contour diagrams
Frequency Plotter

Frequency Plotter

  • Import frequency data from ITU SNS database files
  • Create your own custom frequency data
  • Visually display frequency overlaps
Earth Station Antenna Plotter

Earth Station Antenna Plotter

  • Import Earth Station Antenna data from ITU SNS database files
  • Create your own Earth Station Antenna data from the ITU Antenna Pattern Library, in-built patterns or completely custom data
  • Visually display antenna plots
  • Plot overlapping antenna data to easily compare antenna sidelobe performance
Analyse Two-Line-Element (TLE) Data

TLE Analysis

  • Import two-line-element (TLE) data from Space-Track.org or manually from other sources such as Celestrak
  • Analyse TLE including retrieving location data at the associated epoch date, or a prediction at any other custom date and time
  • Visually display satellite ground track data
  • Plot position data over time such as the longitude or altitude to understand when and how satellites are moving
Coordination Analysis

Coordination Analysis

  • Support for downlink PFD analysis with built in Appendix 30 Annex 1, Appendix 30 Annex 4, Resolution 553, Resolution 554 and Article 21 limits
  • Appendix 8, ΔT/T analysis
  • Appendix 30B Annex 4 analysis
  • C/I analysis including calculation of Margin, C/I, C0/I0, C/(N+I), C0/(N0+I0), I/N and I0/N0
  • Import data from ITU SNS database files or create your own data including full control over beam gain contour, service area and test point data
  • View graphical plots showing interference over the Earth's surface (or inside the relevant service area)
IFIC Processing

IFIC Processing

  • Automate the processing of the bi-weekly IFIC databases to identify new networks which have the potential to cause interference to your filings
  • Quickly retrieve and view the ITU findings
  • Perform independent analysis of many of the ITU coordination triggers to validate the ITU's findings as well as examine in depth the reason for identification
  • Supports Appendix 5, Appendix 8, Appendix 30 Annex 1 & Annex 4, Appendix 30A Annex 1 & Annex 4, Appendix 30B Annex 4 & No. 6.6 and Article 23.13B analysis